Search And Social Media News Round Up | 2nd March 2012

Real-Time Insights For Facebook Page Admins

Earlier this week the blog Inside Facebook predicted recent bugs in the Insights API could be an indication that Facebook might be updating the product. Since then, Facebook have announced their plans. Facebook plans to roll out analytics that will for the first time give Page administrators visibility about real-time activity on the site.

A rep from…

Search & Social Media News Round Up 20th January 2012

Wikipedia and Reddit Went ‘Dark’ in Protest of SOPA and PIPA

On Wednesday of this week, the English Wikipedia was blacked out in protest at proposed US legislation that could limit access to information on the web. Both the Stop Online Piracy Act, referred to as SOPA, as well as the Protect IP Act, or PIPA have been opposed by Wikipedia, Reddit, Facebook and Google among others, but only…

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