Job Role Opportunity – Web Content Manager

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a web content manager at our offices in Liss, Hampshire. Grow* are an online marketing services agency based in London and Hampshire. We focus on the creation, development and delivery of online marketing campaigns and activities that deliver a clear return on investment. We love to combine creativity, content […]

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Death of The Marketing Brochure – Part 2

As your shop window to the world, your brochure can be one of the most important marketing tools in your firm. In the first part of this blog series we spoke about the marketing constraints of brochures. Today we’re discussing the positive aspects a brochure holds. Hopefully by the end of this you will have […]

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Death of the Marketing Brochure – Part 1

Constraints of Marketing Brochures Considering the limitless download possibilities online we discuss whether there is still a need for brochures. In the first part of this two part blog series we talk about the constraints of using brochures in your marketing. 1. Price – Possibly the biggest downfall to brochures is what it costs to […]

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6 Great Benefits of Using Online Marketing

In the ever-growing world of marketing it may seem like you need to have an ever-growing marketing budget to match. Surely a website and Facebook page would suffice? Well maybe, depending on what sort of business you have, but there is so much more you can do and some of it is free!! There are […]

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How To Rank High On Bing Part 2 – Content, Linking and Social

Last week we posted a number of tips on how to rank well on Bing, focussing on the set up and background work you need to do. Now it’s time to focus on the more obvious side of your site: the content. Of course we couldn’t talk about content without covering linking best practices and […]

How To Rank High On Bing Part 1- Set up

Many marketers focus their SEO efforts wholly on Google, but a quick look at search engine market share stats demonstrates Google is by no means the only player. In the UK Google has a search market share of 88.8%, down from 91.4% the year before, whereas Bing’s market share has increased from 4.3% to 6.7% […]

An Intro To Image Editing With PowerPoint

After years of thinking my Photoshop-less mac was useless at any sort of image editing, I made a rather exciting discovery yesterday, while using PowerPoint no less! I had the task of cutting individual countries out of a world map image, and was so startled by the ease of which I did it I thought […]

Using Google Image Search SEO to Drive Online Sales

  Using Google Image Search SEO to Drive Online Sales Does Google Images drive online sales? From our experience Google Images can be a highly lucrative and free source of traffic. In one example a client who was retailing niche, branded apparel was receiving 15% of its traffic from Google Images. admittedly the recent changes […]