How To Rank High On Bing Part 2 – Content, Linking and Social

Last week we posted a number of tips on how to rank well on Bing, focussing on the set up and background work you need to do. Now it’s time to focus on the more obvious side of your site: the content. Of course we couldn’t talk about content without covering linking best practices and […]

How To Rank High On Bing Part 1- Set up

Many marketers focus their SEO efforts wholly on Google, but a quick look at search engine market share stats demonstrates Google is by no means the only player. In the UK Google has a search market share of 88.8%, down from 91.4% the year before, whereas Bing’s market share has increased from 4.3% to 6.7% […]

An Intro To Image Editing With PowerPoint

After years of thinking my Photoshop-less mac was useless at any sort of image editing, I made a rather exciting discovery yesterday, while using PowerPoint no less! I had the task of cutting individual countries out of a world map image, and was so startled by the ease of which I did it I thought […]

Using Google Image Search SEO to Drive Online Sales

  Using Google Image Search SEO to Drive Online Sales Does Google Images drive online sales? From our experience Google Images can be a highly lucrative and free source of traffic. In one example a client who was retailing niche, branded apparel was receiving 15% of its traffic from Google Images. admittedly the recent changes […]

B2B Pay Per Click Advertising – Identifying Negative Key Phrases.

Why Are Negative Keywords So Important To B2B Pay Per Click Marketing? In general, the overall search volume for b2b related key phrases is significantly lower than in b2c activities. This leads to several issues, some of which are very specific to the market: Budget are much lower Limited traffic to relevant key phrases High […]

What can marketeers learn from buskers and vice versa?

Last week I was in central London visiting a client’s office in Mayfair, which involved taking the tube to Green Park station in Mayfair/Piccadilly. On ascending the escalator I could hear a busker, but not your everyday busker! It was lady singing a very familiar piece of opera music (I think it was Carmen but I’m no […]

Is Rockmelt an alternative to Google Reader?

Is Rockmelt an alternative to Google Reader? Recently Google has announced that its Google Reader service will close in July 2013. Initially, I didn’t worry about this too much as it seemed such a long way off. However, I have now had to step up the search for an alternative. One alternative which I have found is the Rockmelt App it […]

Choosing Your Tumblr Theme Social Media Blog

MUNICH, GERMANY – JANUARY 23: Founder of Tumblr David Karp speaks during the Digital Life Design conference (DLD) at HVB Forum on January 23, 2012 in Munich, Germany. DLD (Digital – Life – Design) is a global conference network on innovation, digital, science and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and investors […]